Statement On Saratoga Hospital Expansion

Alice Smith has been active with the group opposing Saratoga Hospital’s proposed expansion.  She has asked me to post the following statement from her:

A Public Hearing will be held on Tuesday (Jan 19th) re: the hospital’s expansion plan.

The hospital advocates have told the public it is a necessary addition to provide better care to the the community and to save money.   The hospital currently provides excellent care to the community, and the emergency room is staffed with doctors trained to handle emergencies.

When doctors have an office full of patients with scheduled appointments, it is hard to believe they are constantly running out to take care of emergencies at the ER.  The hospital (through their representative law firm) has made various statements to the public which are very misleading.

They have minimized the adverse effects it will have on the surrounding area, such as damage to the environment, potential flooding, parking lot lighting, and traffic.  Additionally, they have lied about working with residents of the area.

As I have stated before, they have not been communicating with residents.  Most of the area residents have very limited knowledge of the proposed plan.

The Saratoga hospital has been trying to attract more business (evident by the constant adds on TV) and they would no doubt make more money with the proposed addition  -but this can be done by looking at other options, without violating the rights of residents who have worked very hard to own and maintain their homes and their neighborhood.

Jones Law Firm has also stated that they have not found any loss of value of the properties surrounding the area.  This is something that happens AFTER

The loss of property value happens after the area is rezoned and building is started. I do hope our Planning Board and City Council carefully evaluate the information provided by the hospital and realize that it  fails to guarantee the preservation of the surrounding area.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Statement On Saratoga Hospital Expansion”

  1. So we have a situation of a “preservation of the surrounding area” or the “preservation of a life”. I choose the latter.


  2. This is not the first time I have read a statement indicating that the hospital is interested in making money. The fact is that the hospital is a not-for-profit entity trying to stay competitive. For those who are not aware of it, health care is a VERY competitive enterprise that needs to stay current in order to stay viable. (Just like Saratoga Springs itself needs to remain current in order to stay viable.)


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