More On Bonacio And Lewis

An article in the Albany Business Review offers some clarification regarding the Bonacio – Tom Lewis Connection.  ABR Review Article

Mr. Lewis referenced that someone else was building his home and not Bonacio.  I now have the correct spelling for the name and more information.  David Trojanski of Trojanski Builders was apparently who Mr. Lewis was referring to.  He and his five employees have “merged” with Bonacio Construction.   

It is important to note that the building permit for the lot names Bonacio Construction as the builder for the project.

The article has some interesting history.  Bonacio construction was formed in 1988 and, according to Mr. Bonacio, currently has over 100 employees. 

As further proof for how small this world is.  Mr. Trojanski moved to the area in 1998 to work for Belmonte Builders.  Belmonte is another large developer in the area.  Two years ago Trojanski left Belmonte Builders to set up his own company.  The landlord for his new office was Sonny Bonacio. 


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