Committee Reviewing High Rock Proposals

Jenny Grey had an excellent article in Wednesday’s Saratogian on the committee reviewing the  High Rock RFP proposals.  It is interesting that while the number of articles in the Saratogian covering local issues has decreased, Ms. Grey from time to time is given considerable space to write long articles by current news standards.  Her pieces are also well written.  Ironically, I think that in some ways the coverage of local politics has actually improved since the blood letting at the Saratogian. 

Link to article

Her piece does not include who appointed the members, though, so here’s that additional information.   

Joseph Ogden – appointed by Joanne Yepsen.  Mr. Ogden is the Mayor’s deputy.

Bill Sprengnether – Appointed by John Franck.  Mr. Sprengnether is a landscape architect.  In looking at his web site his portfolio has a number of public outdoor related projects that have a distinctly “green” character. One of them is Hudson Crossing which is a park just North of Schuylerville.  He has posted on the Citizens For High Rock Face Book page so I assume he is active with the group.

Rod Sutton – appointed by Skip Scirocco.  Rod Sutton is a principal with the insurance agency Sutton and Tarantino.  The Sutton family has a long history in Saratoga Springs.  Mr. Sutton is a past chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and for years was a major player in the local Republican Party. 

Larry Novick – appointed by Michele Madigan.  Mr. Novick is director of business development for Sonny Bonacio.  He is the numbers/financial player in Bonaio’s operation.  There is a good interview with him at the Albany Business Review When the city was trying to work out the deal for the Collamer Building and the land for the EMT facility, Bonacio provided Novick to work out the numbers.

Fire Chief Bob Williams – Apponted by Chris Mathiesen.  Williams is the third generation in his family to serve the city as a fire fighter.  He has been with the department for over twenty-five years.


3 thoughts on “Committee Reviewing High Rock Proposals”

  1. I never notice any mention of decking over the parking lot for the Hilton Hotel, or creating a multilevel deck along Maple Ave from Olde Bryan Inn southward to the City Center (with a covered walkway across Maple Ave

    Chip Guyon


    1. The hotel owns the lot and they have stated publicly that they are not interested in a parking deck there. As to the narrow lot across from the City Center on Maple Ave. it is very narrow and hardly accommodates the two rows of parking there now. Anything is possible I guess but it’s hard to imagine how one would build a parking deck there with ramps and ample turning space and at what cost. That space is used now by the center often as a kind of staging area for exhibitors I believe.


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