Silence From Mayor Yepsen’s Office Re Saratoga National Golf Course

In early September I wrote to Mayor Yepsen regarding Saratoga National Golf Course’s apparent violation of the terms of their site plan agreement.  They were required to have no more than three “special” events each year that exceeded their parking lot capacity.  They were also required to maintain two “nature” trails for the public to use.

On October 4th, not having had a response, I wrote again asking that her office respond.

I subsequently received a letter from Joseph Ogden, her deputy dated October 14th.  In his letter he offered an interpretation of “special” events that, to my mind, basically made the limit unenforceable.  He did, however, offer that the Mayor’s office would look into rewriting the language to clear up any confusion.  He also promised that the Mayor’s office would contact Saratoga National Golf Course to determine how they were enforcing the limit.  In addition he promised that the Planning Department would meet with P.L.A.N. which was charged with enforcing the trail easements to determine if there was a problem.

I waited some time to allow the Mayor’s office to address these issues.  On November 15th, having heard nothing I sent the following email:

From:    John Kaufmann []

Sent:     Sunday, November 15, 2015 5:34 PM


Subject:                 Saratoga National Golf Course

Some time ago, I received a letter from your deputy regarding the potential violations of the agreement with Saratoga National Golf Course.  The letter indicated that your office would be seeking from SNGC how they were implementing the requirement that limited them to only three “special events” per year.  The letter also indicated that your office would be meeting with Saratoga PLAN to determine whether the West Trail complied with the agreement.  Have you had a response from SNGC and PLAN regarding these matters and if so, what did your office determine?

Unfortunately, this email produced no response.

Today, more than a month later, I sent a follow-up:

From: John Kaufmann

Sent: Sunday, December 20, 2015 5:08 PM

To: Joanne Yepsen

Subject: Saratoga National Golf Course

As your office will recall, on October 14th you sent me a letter in which you indicated that you would be reviewing Saratoga National Golf Course’s compliance with its site plan agreement with the city.  Mr. Ogden’s letter promised that your office would be contacting Saratoga National Golf Course to determine how they were complying with the limit on “special” events.  It also promised that the planning staff would be meeting with Saratoga PLAN to determine whether the western “nature” trail had been properly implemented and maintained at SNGC.

 On November 15th I followed up with an email to you asking for the results of your office’s investigation into this matter.  To date I have heard nothing.  I would very much appreciate it if you would respond with the results of your contacts with the golf course and with PLAN.

Thank you

Hopefully, Mayor Yepsen will respond and I will share whatever I receive.

One thought on “Silence From Mayor Yepsen’s Office Re Saratoga National Golf Course”

  1. Hey John,

    So nu?
    You say no response from the mayor’s office?
    No kidding. I, am yet, to receive a reply from my offer of Centennial flags for any events scheduled. And the price is right (as my Scottish father-in-law used to say!).

    We printed up dozens of flags for the centennial. we sold 3. I kid you not. 35 on the committee and on 2 bought flags. Real proud; these committee members. Wanna flag? (lol)

    Juxtapose this to Joe Dalton and Co concerning the Saratoga 150. We sold hundreds (yes; HUNDREDS) and orders keep coming in for gifts 2 years later; go figure.

    One, had to do with spectacular marketing and the other, nill.
    Is that the difference between republicans and democrats (as asked by my son)? I think it’s quite telling.

    One hand represents business.
    The other, retired academia, maybe?
    And so it goes (as Vonnegut used to muse…)

    My old Jewish friends in NY used to say “Machen ah Laben.”
    Uncle Frank used to say: “It’s nothing poisonal, it’s just biz-ness.”

    I still laugh about that old Brooklyn humor to this day.
    (May age is showing!– I, sometimes, Miss New Yawk)

    Thanks for all that you do.
    There’s nobody these days, that has the foresight (or guts) to ask the questions.
    Keep it going.

    If I can be of service, let me know.

    Gut Yontif.
    God bless.

    Tony Spinelli


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