Wonder Who Saratoga PAC’s #1 Target Was?

PACs must report to the New York State Board of Elections how they allocated their money in support of candidates (Who they do not coordinate with…wink wink).

This is a copy of the Saratoga PAC’s report to the NYSBE for the 2015 elections.


The image is hard to read so here are the key numbers.

Candidate                                                           Spent

Michele Madigan                                             $2,097.67

John Franck                                                        $2,097.67

Bill McTygue                                                       $5,954.22

John Safford                                                      $5,954.22

Rick Wirth                                                            $18,369.35


John Franck had no opponent and Michele Madigan had a very weak opponent.  They received the least support.

Bill McTygue and John Safford received more support but still pretty modest.  Joanne Yepsen did everything she could to support the Casino expansion without being too obvious and she has been very protective of Saratoga National Golf Course. The PAC also might have felt she was likely to win. These are the only explanations I can think of for the PAC’s tepid support for her opponent. As for the Public Works race,  Skip is, after all, a Republican, he went to their fundraiser and again was going to be the likely winner which may explain the modest support for his opponent.

Not surprisingly, the number #1 target of the PAC was Commissioner Chris Mathiesen.  They gave Rick Worth a whopping $18,369.35.  Mathiesen along with Scirocco have been the two elected officials who have steadfastly protected the greenbelt.

Congratulations to Chris Mathiesen for being the #1 PAC target and for winning the election.



One thought on “Wonder Who Saratoga PAC’s #1 Target Was?”

  1. Chris is an exemplary public servant. I am proud to have worked on his campaign committee. I encourage anyone capable, qualified, interested and ethical to run for public office, but Wirth didn’t meet that criteria. As Public Safety Commissioner, Wirth accomplished very little in office and contributed nothing at the Council table of any note. The fact that he wholeheartedly signed on with Saratoga PAC should be the death knell to future candidacy, but with the dearth of folks being able and willing to take on a campaign for a $14K salary and lots of headaches suggests that we may continue to be subjected to Wirth and his ilk.


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