Election Results: Saratoga PAC Read ‘Em And Weep

Winners of Election

Joanne Yepsen – PAC No

Chris Mathiesen – PAC No

Skip Scirocco – PAC No

Michele Madigan – PAC Yes

5 thoughts on “Election Results: Saratoga PAC Read ‘Em And Weep”

  1. WHOA!!!! Come on now John!!! Michele was in NO WAY a backer of the PAC and you know it! The ONLY reason for them not backing Ivins is because the republican’s wanted nothing to do with him either. Not a fair shot at all towards Michele, who absolutely CRUSHED him last night.

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    1. Well, Michele may have tried to distance herself from the PAC but they didn’t have to endorse anyone in that race and they chose her. We all know what they were looking for in candidates they endorsed—votes for the SNGC expansion. It is not surprising that they embraced Michele’s candidacy given the extraordinary effort she has put into trying to find a way to give them what they want. I can only hope she will reunite with Skip and Chris with voting this proposal down once and for all and distance herself from John Franck (the only Democratic endorsed by the PAC who didn’t object to their support) and Joanne who parrots the PAC’s “I’m for balanced growth” mantra. While most of the PAC candidates lost the PAC may still get what they want. Michele is still the swing vote. We’ll see what she does now.


      1. NO!!! Michele put an ‘extraordinary effort’ in for the CITY, NOT the golf course!!! If it were for the golf course then the expansion would have already happened, wouldn’t it?

        People seem to forget that.


  2. And to note, AGAIN, that Michele wanted and wants NOTHING to do with the Saratoga PAC. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. In fact she did everything right in dealing with by NOT dealing with them, unlike the mayor!


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