Mayor Yepsen Parrots Saratoga National Golf Course Talking Points; Safford Channels Saratoga National Golf Course

In an article in the October 29 addition of the Gazette Newspaper Joanne Yepsen repeated the talking points propagated by Saratoga National Golf Course.  She told the Gazette Newspaper that the current zoning would allow the 400 acre golf course to be subdivided into two acre lots were the golf course to fail.  “I’m an open space person,” she told the newspaper.  “It’s very important to me not to have any kind of sprawl at Exit 14.”

Mayor Yepsen has been to enough meetings to know that this is not only an inaccurate characterization of the zoning requirements out there, but that it represents the scare tactics that SNGC has promoted continually.  The zoning for that area is highly restrictive.  It would preclude simply dividing the land currently used by the golf course into two acre lots.  All wetlands, steeply sloped land, and other types of sensitive land not only cannot be built on but must be excluded when calculating how many units can be built.  Following the exclusion of all that land, only fifty percent of the land that remains can be built on and the units must be clustered.   The process of determining all of this is called a conservation assessment.  No assessment has been done yet.  Bear in mind that the golf course includes water, wetlands, and some significant slopes.  These types of land would be excluded from the calculations even before reducing what is left by fifty percent.

Mayor Yepsen has also successfully avoided addressing other aspects of SNGC’s plans.  There is the issue of the intensive commercial activities that the “resort” will bring with its large hotel and proposed retail.  In addition there is the history of the players in this who have ruthlessly pushed the bounds of everything they do as noted in previous blogs. In the Gazette article Yepsen cynically exploits the fear of sprawl to divert the discussion from the damages that the proposed resort would inflict on the conservation district. Who would have thought that a Democrat elected as Mayor of our city would play the role of fixer to violate our greenbelt.

The problem we as voters face is that John Safford views the idea of the conservation district as an actual barrier to growth rather than a cherished asset to protect.  Based on his statements there is little if anything in the way of development that Saratoga National might seek that he would oppose.

6 thoughts on “Mayor Yepsen Parrots Saratoga National Golf Course Talking Points; Safford Channels Saratoga National Golf Course”

  1. I will beg to differ – on John Safford. Over the past year I have had the pleasure to sit and talk with John at length on this issue and quite a few others. John is NOT a ‘monster’ that is going to tear apart the greenbelt. Not even close. People have this perception that he is going to build huge factories and such out there, and it’s just ridiculous. In fact, the last time John and I talked it was about – ready? – re-developing and renovating South B’way to further benefit our downtown district! OH THE HORRORS!!!

    I think a LOT of the misunderstanding is that John isn’t well-versed in ‘politic-speak’, as he is not a politician. But here is what we will get from John that we will not with Joanne: honesty, and integrity. John is NOT going to lie to you. Nor will he put up with the McTygue faction in city hall. He’s got my vote and support.

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    1. Mr. Safford’s latest campaign mailing, which is a vicious and misleading attack on Ms. Yepsen, can only be called vile. While his TV ads make him out to be a Kindly Old Grandfather type, his mailings conjure up hints of Satan lurking beneath the surface.

      His main selling point (“I am not a politician”) reminds me of Nixon’s declaration, “I am not a crook.”

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      1. Actually, his ‘vicious and misleading attack’ about Ms. Yepsen’s campaign donations are spot on. In fact, she did not declare her last fundraiser at SNGC either – and this right before she ‘came out’ in favor of the SNGC expansion. So much for ‘transparency’….

        John is a born again Christian. To say he ‘conjures up hints of Satan’ is a horrible thing to say about him. The man is as honest and caring as it gets. He doesn’t have an ‘agenda’ other than to help people – and I sincerely mean that.

        Let me sum this up for you all. Here I am, a liberal atheist supporting a conservative born-again Christian over our ‘liberal leader’. The reason for that is simple. I have talked to both Joanne and John numerous times now. And it’s VERY obvious by their actions to see who you can trust, and who you can’t. I can take John at his word and know he won’t break it. I can not say the same for our current mayor. You CAN work with John. He understands the meaning of the word ‘compromise’. That

        John is honest and has integrity. He will be transparent and bring peace and calm to city hall once again. He IS the right person for the job as mayor of our city.


      2. What struck me about that Safford mailing is that is reminded me so much of the mailing Joanne Yepsen did attacking Shauna Sutton 2 years ago with equally distorted statistics. What goes around comes around I guess.

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    1. Correct, plus SNGC is there because of a special use permit, so the rules have already been stretched, If the expansion is allowed say good bye to the Green Belt. By the time this is over Saratoga PAC will likely have spent over 100K — think about the progress made in SOuth Broadway re-development or affordable housing instead.


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