Group To Demonstrate Against PAC

This is a release I received from a group opposed to the Saratoga PAC

Media advisory for Tuesday, October 20

Contact:   Joe Seeman (518) 583-4326

Saratoga County Residents Against PACS

Protest against Corruption of 1% Buying Elections

Call for Democracy not Plutocracy

The 1% of Saratoga have formed their own Super PAC (Political Action Committee) which can spend unlimited sums to support and attack political candidates, and buy elections. So concerned citizens will protest against this Corruption outside the Saratoga PAC’s reception at the Holiday Inn, Tues Oct. 20 at 5pm.

Super PACs allow the wealthiest 1% to spend unlimited amounts to buy elections and political influence. This amounts to the theft of Democracy. All supporters of Democracy are invited join us to protest against the Corruption of PACs buying elections, and to call for Democracy not Plutocracy.
Protesters will call for all local candidates and elected officials to pledge to reject the money of this Super PAC, and ask voters to reject candidates who are willing to accept dark money from this or any Super PAC.
Since the Supreme Court’s absurd Citizens United decision, the floodgates have opened for unlimited amounts of money to be poured into political campaigns.  Protesters will call for Campaign Finance Reform to close these floodgates, including a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United, and publicly funded elections to allow candidates to run without legalized Bribes which result in virtual ownership of elected officials.  In a recent Bloomberg poll, 78% said the Citizens United ruling should be overturned (

“PACs are dangerous because they easily hide the names of who gives to them and who they fund,” said Regina Camilletti of Saratoga Springs.  “The people behind this PAC are comfortable with gaining power and buying influence at the expense of their neighbors and their Nation”.

“People are sick and tired of Super PAC attack ads, and of 1 Percenters who think they can buy elections,” said Sharon McFarlane of Wilton. “The people of Saratoga County and all of America are demanding a government that represents all of the people, and not just wealthy developers and corporations who are behind these PACs”.

WHEN:           Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at 5:00 PM

WHERE:         outside the Holiday Inn, 232 Broadway, Saratoga Springs NY

WHO:             Saratoga County Residents Against PACs, members of MoveOn and other concerned citizens

WHY:              Super PACs Destroy Democracy

Visuals:  Signs, Banners and speakers

supporters of Democracy are encouraged to RSVP at RSVP: &


2 thoughts on “Group To Demonstrate Against PAC”

  1. As a person who started SCRAP and is no longer a member, I am saddened to see that this group has come down to crazy theatrics to make a statement. The group that is inside that building meeting will not care one iota will simply think they are ‘crazy’ – as will those who drive or walk by a protest of people in money suits and the like. There are better and more intelligent ways to handle this problem than making a fool of one’s self publicly.


  2. As a point of information (which should not be taken as an endorsement of their activities), while certain types of PAC’s can hide the names of their donors, Saratoga PAC’s donor list is publicly available.


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