A Muddle of Munters (Version #2)

[Note: The original post for this was truncated.  This is the complete one]

In response to my post about Saratoga PLAN’s fundraiser at Saratoga National Golf Course I received the following comment:

“Mr. Kaufmann, you have a major mistake in this post. There are two John Munter’s (father and son). The John Munter that chairs the Plan board has not donated to the PAC. I suggest you fact check before posting derogatory claims.”

As it turns out, Munter Enterprises, a construction/development company, is a family business founded by John E.Munter, Sr. and now headed by his son, John E. Munter, Jr.   According to their required filing, Saratoga PAC reported that a John Munter donated to their organization.  I am assuming from the comment I received that John E. Munter (senior) made the donation and that John E. Munter, Jr. chairs Saratoga PLAN.

Fathers and sons do not always agree on issues, so I decided to call John E. Munter, Jr. to find out from him directly whether he shared his father’s enthusiasm for Saratoga PAC.  He returned my call and explained to me that the post came from himself, rather than his father (he refers to himself in the third person in his comment).  I asked him if he would share with me his views on whether Saratoga PAC was an asset or a problem for our political process.  He refused to answer asserting that whatever appeared in my blog would be derogatory.

While I appreciate his correction, his response to my question to him make it unclear whether the substance of my criticism is not still valid.

I would encourage Mr. Munter, Jr. to clarify his position by posting on my blog his assessment of Saratoga PAC.  I will post it without any editing.

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