What Joanne Yepsen Could Learn From Hillary Clinton

In a stunning turn around, Hillary Clinton has come out against the XL Pipe Line.  Let’s not talk principle here.  Her pollsters and other advisors saw the writing on the wall and realized they needed to show that she was willing to take a strong and decisive position on a controversial and substantive issue.

Joanne Yepsen has equivocated for months over Saratoga National Golf Course just as Clinton did on XL.  Yepsen’s opponent is public and clear on his support for the proposed resort.  She could come out and state unequivocally her opposition to the resort and set herself up as the hero who stood in defense of the city’s greenbelt.  Hey, I can dream…

2 thoughts on “What Joanne Yepsen Could Learn From Hillary Clinton”

  1. For Hillary, this was an easy move. The progressive NDP (New Democratic Party), which has taken over the provincial government of Alberta, is opposed to the pipeline. Couple this with the dramatic decline in oil prices and production, and the Keystone XL project is practically dead, anyway.


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