Sarah Burger And Saratoga PAC

In his excellent report on the League of Women Voters event, Joe Levy reported:

“Regarding the Saratoga PAC, Ms. Burger said that she spoke with their representatives earlier, but couldn’t figure out what their angle was, and decided not to accept any money from them (I guess she hadn’t seen the list of donors or she might have figured it out).”

I am a bit more skeptical than Joe on this.  I asked her weeks ago whether she would seek the endorsement of the PAC and she gave me a carefully parsed, evasive answer.  It was well covered by the Gazette and the Saratogian who the principal organizers of this group were and the agenda was clear to the most casual observer.  According to his letter in Saratoga Today, Bob Manz interviewed her on behalf of the PAC.  Mr. Manz is the CEO of D.A. Collins which is probably the largest construction company in the region.  He spoke of her glowingly in his letter.

I have enough respect for Ms. Burger to find it begs credibility that she was so naïve and uninformed that she did not know “what their angle was.”

As for “she decided not to accept money from them” one wonders what she might have told them that she was either offered money from them or expected them to offer her money.

5 thoughts on “Sarah Burger And Saratoga PAC”

  1. ““she decided not to accept money from them” – YET.

    I*n a recent editorial I posted this:

    “Another serious concern I have is the Saratoga PAC, and how both of these candidates reacted to it. The Saratoga PAC is an “IEC”, or an “independent expenditure committee” (or what most call a ‘Super PAC’), the first of it’s kind in our city. It was created by wealthy developers and real estate agents in this city whom, by just about everyone’s surprise, can’t understand why a few of their projects were shut down by not only the city council, but also people willing to stand up to say ‘no more’ when they start targeting our greenbelt which is expressly forbidden per our city’s comprehensive plan. As a member of Saratogians for Sustainable Housing, it was blatantly obvious from their initial press release that they wanted to develop everything within the city limits to their satisfaction and profit, and the city and it’s citizen’s be damned. I had to speak up and try to stop it, not only for our affordable housing projects, but also because it was just plain wrong. When the city and it’s people tell you ‘no’, that does NOT mean you start a Super PAC to circumvent the will of the people to get what you want anyway. Yet that is exactly what they did, and are trying to do now. I made it clear to every candidate and council member. In fact, I spoke up at a recent city council meeting on behalf of or group (SCRAP) and point blank asked the council members if they would heed our words, or ‘deal with the devil’ and accept money from the Saratoga PAC. Sadly, only one council member spoke out in reply and declared that in no way, shape or form would he have anything to do with the Saratoga PAC. That council member was Chris Mathiesen. But then again, that is Chris Mathiesen in a nutshell. He has ALWAYS spoke out and been steadfast in his resolve on an issue. If there is one thing people should understand about Chris, it’s that once he has all of the information on an issue, he does not waver, and will do everything within his power to make sure the goal is accomplished as directed by the people themselves. That’s a very admirable trait to have – and especially as a leader of our city.
    When the Saratoga PAC had its fundraiser, I stood outside to see who was going in and out of the building. One of those people was Sarah Burger. I talked with Sarah in depth on this subject beforehand. She understood my position VERY clearly, yet she wanted to see what it was all about. I had no issues with that at all. I saw her downtown not even an hour after the event ended. She walked up to me, shook my hand and said ‘You were absolutely right about the PAC. It is not good for this city. And I will have nothing to do with it from this day forward, you have my word’. She then told me she had, indeed, previously accepted substantial donations from a couple of PAC members, but would not in the future (and to note, her campaign filings bear that out). I thanked her for that, and took her on her word she would have nothing more to do with the Saratoga PAC. Then yesterday, I saw this article:…/saratoga-pac-goes-int…/

    Now, considering her words to me were “And I will have nothing to do with it from this day forward, you have my word’, this truly bothers me, and I asked Sarah in no uncertain terms to explain this to me. She admitted to me that she met with them, yet her responses missed the point entirely. It’s not what was written about her – it’s what she did, who she associated with. It’s breaking her word that she wouldn’t have anything to do with them. THAT is the problem. I had also asked her numerous times to speak out publicly against the Saratoga PAC, but my words fell upon deaf ears. I find that terribly disconcerting since the will of the PAC is NOT the same as the will of the people.”

    There is no doubt in my mind now that she plans on taking whatever else she can get from the PAC IF she gets by the primary.

    There is only one candidate who has spoke out against the PAC from the start, and that candidate is Chris Mathiesen. If you are a democrat and against the PACs and voting on the 10th, your choice is now crystal clear.

    Dave Morris
    Saratogians for Sustainable Housing
    Saratoga County Residents Against PACs (SCRAP)


  2. John — with respect, You lose credibility when you don’t appear to take pains to spell people’s names right. It’s happened once already, and to misspell Sarah Burger’s name in a headline made me wince again. I’m rooting for this blog, but negligence along these lines will lose you goodwill and friends… Respectfully, Amy


  3. Hmmmm. She is a native Saratogian and running for office and she didn’t bother to find out about a group before she went to them for an interview presumably for an endorsement? She may be the only person in Saratoga active in politics who doesn’t get what this PAC is about. Makes me wonder how credible her denial of having prior knowledge of Zappone’s last minute offer on the Collamer lot is. Seems plausible that since he knew her he might have contacted her prior to his sudden appearance to try to derail a project she opposes.But call me cynical….

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    1. As I noted in my previous post, she MORE than knew all about them. let’s be perfectly clear on that. The ONLY reason to go for their interview was to gain their support, nothing more.


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