John Safford Responds To Questions About Amendment To Zoning Law and Comprehensive Plan

John Safford responds to questions:

John Safford commented on Testing The Candidates On Their Commitment To Transparency

In the August 25 post of this blog, I quoted Michael Toohey when he alleged that he had an agreement with Saratoga PLAN to …Hello John, I would have approved the hotel at National long before the convoluted process that has unfolded subsequently. As you know I have knocked on over 3000 doors all over the city and have been to between 300 and 400 at the lake. Most of the people I have talked with are not against the National plan as much as they are concerned about increased traffic problems at Gilbert, 9P and Meadowbrook Rd. or the weekly fireworks at National (a great irritation to many). I am an active proponent of downtown businesses, especially their positive effect on property taxes and (together with many of them) I think an expansion at the golf course will be a positive not a negative draw.

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