More On Saratoga PAC Donors

There appears to have been an update to Saratoga PAC’s filing.

Please note that if the names of the companies are in bold face, it is because only the companies were listed and no individual names.  Where there were individual names I looked them up on the web as best I could.  There is one correction.  David Gordon was misidentified in the last post.  He is the head of his own development company.

I did not include most of what I had listed in the last post on Saratoga PAC.  I did include all the family members associated with D.A. Collins again.  I did this because there were quite a few listings for companies that donated to the PAC which all turned out to be subdivisions of D.A. Collins.  If you are interested in learning more about them, here is a link to their web site D. A. Collins link.  They do very large excavation and construction work. This includes things like building highways and bridges.

Collins, David D. A. Collins 250 A subdivision of D.A. Collins Construction
Collins, Karen D. A. Collins 250 A subdivision of D.A. Collins Construction
Manz, Mary Grace D. A. Collins 250 A subdivision of D.A. Collins Construction
Manz, Zachary D. A. Collins 10 A subdivision of D.A. Collins Construction
Manz, Robert Jointa Galusha LLC 1000 A subdivision of D.A. Collins Construction
Manz, Robert Jointa Lime Co. 500 A subdivision of D.A. Collins Construction
Manz, RObert Kubricky Construction 1000 A subdivision of D.A. Collins Construction
Manz, Robert Pallette Strong Corp 500 A subdivision of D.A. Collins Construction
Manz, Robert WWC LLC 1000 A subdivision of D.A. Collins Construction
Manz, Robert D. A. Collins 500 A subdivision of D.A. Collins Construction
Billok, Michael Bond, Schoeneck, King 25 Attorney
Martell, Chris Hodgson Russ 200 Attorney
Clements, Dominick DeCrescente Family LP $2,500.00 Beer Distributorship in Mechanicville
Haworth, Mark Bonacio Construction 500 Business partner of Sonny Bonacio
Hayes, Robert Hayes Development, Summit Accounting, Hayes Industry 100 Calls himself an Accountant Entrepeneur
Witt, John Witt Construction 100 Construction
Roberts, Dave Roberts Smithe 250 Construction
Faith, Peter Greenman-Pederson Inc. 100 Construction with corporate headquarters in Babylon, NY
McDonald, Todd Broadstone Advisors 290 Corporate Offices In Albany. Provide financial services to the construction industry
Sutton, Rod Saratoga Parking Services 500 Insurance (He has parking for the track as a sideline)
Perry, Kyle Century Health Capital, Inc. 500 Mortgage Broker
Gordon, David Gordon Company 500 Office in Albany, Corporate Developer
Unknown Environmental Soil Management Inc. 1000 Offices in Fort Edward as well as New Hampshire and Canada
Roohan, Thomas Roohan Realty 1010 Realtor
Hislop, Sarah Sothebys International Realty 100 Realtor
Holloway, Cynthis Saratoga Pelican Associates LLC 110 Their telephone number is the Holiday Inn
Unknown Ballard Road Dev. LLC 1000 They have a web site with an address in Brick, New Jersey but no name or telephone number. They tell you to email them. Their web site names them Land Associates LLC
Sheeran, John Unknown 20 Unknown
Hanlon, Edward Unknown 50 Unknown
Griffen, Stephen Saratoga Sod 220 Wilton, NY raises and sells sod

6 thoughts on “More On Saratoga PAC Donors”

  1. Amazing John, thanks! This list is what all “interested” tax payers should read. Some are applauding and some not.
    It is your effort that I applaud! Keep the info coming in. It is sad that many cities are controlled by $$$$$.
    More tax payers need to read your posts
    Thanks again


  2. John Sheeran is VP for Finance at D.A. Collins Construction Co., Inc.

    Ed Hanlon is a Technology Educator at the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Central School District. His facebook profile says, ” I AM THE TEA PARTY!” and he likes to retweet Donald Trump’s words of wisdom.

    Research links upon request.


  3. Cynthia Holloway is the General Manager of the Holiday Inn on South Broadway, hence their phone number. Saratoga Pelican Associates LLC is the holding company that owns it.


  4. For your consideration, I’ve downloaded the full list of Saratoga PAC donors, as of July, 2015, from the NYS Board of Elections Campaign Financial Disclosure form and re-posted it verbatim here:

    Individual associations with companies, as John made (above), are not included, but many are self-evident to long-time observers of the Saratoga scene.

    As for where their dollars will go, many (if not most) of the contributors are from the construction, development, and real estate sector and their tangential businesses. If someone has more time on their hands than I have right now, it would be illuminating to cross-reference this list with contributors to the various political parties, causes, and candidates, current and previous.

    The one fact that we already know is the $48,000+ already raised, which is more than all local candidates combined have ever raised and spent in a single election cycle. Expect that figure line to climb after Labor Day.

    As always, “Follow the money.”

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