Lincoln Center Chamber Society at Little Theater at SPAC

I am not the most sophisticated person when it comes to classical music.  It says a lot that I was deeply moved by the first two concerts in the Lincoln Center Chamber Society at SPAC. Pianist Wu Han is the artistic director of the Society.  She is wonderfully enthusiastic.

Prior to each concert there is a panel with Ms. Wu and some of the musicians who will be playing in the concert.  These discussions are wonderfully lively and quite understandable to us rubes (and to those who actually know something about chamber music.)  The musicians are a mixture of young and gifted artists along with experienced musicians including members of the Philadelphia Orchestra.  Ms. Han has chosen some delightful works that are quite accessible to the less discerning ear.

The concerts are held on Sundays and Tuesdays.  I do not think that they are sold out.

2 thoughts on “Lincoln Center Chamber Society at Little Theater at SPAC”

  1. Thanks John, I may be going on Tuesday. On another note, what do you think about PLAN having their event, Feast of the Fields, at Saratoga National? I know they have always had it there in the past but given the current issues with them, I thought that they would consider a different venue…. Marjorie

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    1. While PLAN performs some very important functions in our community for which we all should be grateful in terms of preserving land, their relationship to public policy issues over land preservation is problematic. I am mean no disrespect to anyone involved with PLAN but its narrow focus has effected the nature of its funding and its board participation.
      Saratoga National Golf Course and its owner, Mr. Newkirk have regularly donated $10,000.00 each year. The president of its board, John Munter, is a developer.
      Again, this is not to say that they have not been important in terms of managing lands donated to them but that their orientation is not such that we can expect them to be advocates for municipal policies that would limit development.


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