Sarah Burger’s Speaking Out Piece In The Saratogian: A Reality Check

In her speaking out piece of August 9, Ms. Burger asserted that “…the commissioner (Mathiesen) has only ever promoted the single use parking garage without considering any alternatives.”

Contrast her statement with this quote from the June 18 Gazette Newspaper by Steve Williams. His story is on the council meeting that agreed to issue the RFP:

“Public Safety Commissioner Chris Mathiesen said he supports issuing the RFP, even though he also supports the City Center’s plans.  ‘The idea is that if there are other approaches to this that can accommodate all the uses that are necessary here, including the City Center’s needs, better to hear them as soon as possible than not,’ Mathiesen said.”

It is true that the council has decided to let the city center proceed with its application for a parking lot.  It is not just Commissioner Mathiesen who believes both should go forward.  It was discussed at the council meeting and no one suggested otherwise.  Williams’ story goes on to say:

“Accounts Commissioner John Franck said he had doubts any developer will respond to the RFP, which would leave the City Center proposal as the only one for the land, which now has surface parking.  ‘I don’t see where they’ll respond, but I don’t think there’s anything to lose,’ Franck said.”

Any objective review of the meeting (there is a video available at the city’s web site), indicates that everyone on the council supported both the RFP and the importance of allowing the City Center’s proposal to proceed.

One thought on “Sarah Burger’s Speaking Out Piece In The Saratogian: A Reality Check”

  1. It was the 6/16/15 Council meeting where I included on my agenda a discussion about alternative approaches to the High Rock Ave.lot development. That was the meeting where we decided to issue an RFP asap so that any viable proposals could be considered as the City Center garage plans were progressing. Please see the video of that meeting.

    Chris Mathiesen


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