Planning Board Workshop On Saratoga National Golf Course Text Amendment

The Planning Board will meet on Wednesday at 5:00 to discuss the wording of the text amendment being advocated by Saratoga National Golf Course.  At the previous meeting the board decided to have the attorney that the city uses for land use issues, Mark Schachner, meet with Michael Toohey, SNGC’s attorney to go over the wording of the proposed text amendment.  Having the city pay for its attorney to work with the developer’s attorney is not only very unusual, it boarders on the unsavory.  For an excellent explanation of this here is Capazzola Letter to Chairman Toohey On Lawyer Issue

I do not expect that the public will be allowed to speak at this meeting.  I will be attending and will report on what transpires.  In all likelihood, the Planning Board will be meeting on August 12 to formally decide on the amendment and the public will be given an opportunity to way in at that point.

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