Sarah Burger Petitions For Working Family Party Primary Ruled Invalid

Sarah Burger had submitted a petition to the Saratoga County Board of Elections which would have required a primary for the Working Family Party line.  Previously, Chris Mathiesen had received their endorsement and will appear on their line in November.

In a letter to Eileen Finnera signed by both the Republican and Democratic Board of Elections Commissioners, they ruled that because the petition did not identify the members of the Committee To Fill Vacancies, the petition is invalid.  Since only Mathiesen has submitted valid petitions for this office, there is no one to run against him in a primary so there will be no primary.

Here is a copy of the letter Board of Elections Letter

The purpose of the committee to fill vacancies is to select an alternative candidate if the person on the petition declines to run or becomes incapacitated.  The courts have been fairly lenient about errors on the petitions but leaving these names out is considered to be a “fatal error.”  Here is a further explanation on committees to fill vacancies. Discussion of Committee on Vacancies

4 thoughts on “Sarah Burger Petitions For Working Family Party Primary Ruled Invalid”

  1. John: your post is incorrect. The Committee on Notice is required for an OTB petition not a Conmittee on Vacancies. Also I tried to withdraw those petitions to not create a WFP primary. Lastly thank you for interferring with my WFP endorsement.


    1. Thank you for correcting the record.

      Why did you submit these petitions if you did not want to create a primary? You knew that Chris Mathiesen had been endorsed and you also would have known that a valid petition on his behalf had been submitted to the board of elections well prior to submitting your petition. This does not appear to make sense. I would welcome your clarification.


      1. Sarah:
        You were not the nominated candidate. The full meeting of the greater Capital District Working Family Party recommended Chris Mathiesen to the state executive committee and the state committee confirmed their decision.

        I did support Chris Mathiesen over you. The reason for this is best reflected in your answers to my two questions regarding the Saratoga PAC. I asked you whether you would seek an endorsement from the PAC and you responded that you were seeking the endorsement “of the people of Saratoga Springs.” I tried again by asking whether you would accept any help from the PAC and if they campaigned for you, whether you would ask them not to. You answered that it would be illegal to do that. In contrast, Chris Mathiesen was clear and unequivocal. He would not seek their endorsement and, in fact, he believed that they were a pernicious force by proudly raising large sums of money to get their candidates elected.

        I think it is laudable that you have put your beliefs into action and while I do not support you, I think your campaign is helpful for our democracy.


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