A Troubling Leaflet Attacking The City Center

A group calling itself Citizens For High Rock distributed a leaflet at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday.  The Leaflet is titled “Saratoga Deserves Better!”  It is a full throated attack on the proposed City Center structure.  While I disagree with many of its arguments, I am always for stimulating community discussion about important issues.  What I find very troubling was the following statement on the pamphlet:

“Doesn’t generate property tax of (sic) sales tax revenue-leased to City Center For $1.

The current proposal from the City Center provides half the parking revenue to the city, the sales tax generated by the parking, and an annual lease payment of $70,000.00.  I find it very disturbing that this group would distribute something with such glaring inaccuracies.

The group has a web site and I have posted on it a request that they correct the leaflet before distributing any more.

3 thoughts on “A Troubling Leaflet Attacking The City Center”

  1. The leaflet reflected the original proposal by the City Center. We weren’t aware of any public discussions of changes made since then. However, we surely should have asked around about the latest before going forward with a printed piece.


  2. The info regarding the finances is not the only inaccuracy I saw on this leaflet. It also states that the “design eats up most of this valuable parcel..” which is not true.The picture I’m guessing is photo-shopped and even this inaccurate depiction of the project doesn’t show a structure taking up most of the lot. In addition it seems to put the proposed structure right at the curb of High Rock Avenue rather than 23′ back from the curb buffered by trees and makes it look like the structure will also cover a much larger portion of Maple Ave than it does. This leaflet reminds me of the saying “You’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.”


  3. Okay, a few mistakes but the general message is clear — the current parking garage proposal will degrade Saratoga no matter what angle you look at it. And this city has barely lifted a finger to make existing parking more efficient despite the fact that we’ve had a “Complete Streets” committee for 4 years (I volunteered for two – got nowhere). They keep putting up parking lots (we have 4 downtown) and they have not solved the problem. We need several more parking proposals. Who builds a single use parking garage any more? Most American cities are tearing them down.


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