Shakespeare In The Park Takes On Love’s Labor’s Lost

Our own local Shakespeare company performs Love’s Labor’s Lost in the City Park.  Lary (yup. One R) Opitz directs.  It opens tonight at 6:00.  The company is very good about editing the plays and crafting the performance to make the language accessible.  Many are put off by Shakespeare because of productions where the language is so dense and the delivery so fast that it is incomprehensible.  Not so with our own local production.

For more details regarding the production and its schedule along with other things the company is doing this summer go to their web site: Saratoga Shakespeare In The Park

One thought on “Shakespeare In The Park Takes On Love’s Labor’s Lost”

  1. This evening’s performance of L’s L’s L in Congress Park would be a good addition to anyone’s dance card. It was intelligible by virtue of the agile articulation of the actors who also suited the gesture to the word.
    The Theatre (I find the spelling affected, but so be it) Company at Hubbard Hall (TCHH) is also performing L’s L’s L concurrently with Saratoga Shakespeare Company at various locations east of SS (Cambridge, Salem, Greenwich…). It does not employ equity actors in the production, but is also intelligible which, in my opinion, is essential and often sadly lacking in performances. As a matter of fact, rather than equity, most of the performers are high school students. I realized, shortly into the performance, that I had stopped holding my breath that the actors would forget a line. (As a former high school English teacher, that has become habit.) TCHH’s production is a more sexually explicit depiction than SSC’s which may or may not make it more interesting. It is also free with an opportunity to “put some money in the hat” at the end.
    I left both productions thinking how wonderful to have Shakespeare performed from the heart al fresco.


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