Yesko At Times Union Exposes County Again

In today’s TU, Dennis Yusko blogs what will appear in print tomorrow.  In Matt Veitch’s prepared statement he asserted that the psychiatrists that left the local department of mental health did so for better jobs.  In his article, Dennis Yusko interviewed Dr. Jack Dodd who had been employed at the department.  Dr. Dodd rebuts Veitch’s account.  He describes a department that is mismanaged and whose atmosphere makes providing care extremely challenging.

“The county’s absolute indifference to people’s welfare and morale made me hate working for them,” Dodd said. “Nothing changed, despite serious concerns.”

Times Union Article

One thought on “Yesko At Times Union Exposes County Again”

  1. Nice John, well done….neat follow up to your first post. It all leads to poor patient care. You also may want to look at a paper trail to Hamas


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