More Decline At The Saratogian

As reported by the Times Union, Michael O’Sullivan, the publisher of the Saratogian and the Troy Record took a buyout and is gone from both newspapers as of last week.  He was replace by Robert O’Leary who had been the general manager of the Kingston Freeman.  The Irish apparently were well represented at the parent company, Digital First Media.

So here is the cannibalistic history.

1. Michael O’Sullivan who had been the publisher of the Saratogian replaced the publisher of the Troy Record to become publisher for both papers.

2. Robert O’Leary who had been general manager at the Kingston Freeman is now the publisher for the Kingston Freeman, the Saratogian, the Troy Record, and the Oneida Dispatch.

Interestingly, O’Leary had worked at our own Gazette Newspaper.

I have also learned that the Saratogian no longer has a staff photographer.

I have had my criticisms of the Saratogian but I will be very sorry to see it close which I very much expect will happen.

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