Mayor Kim Uses City’s Facebook Page to Illegally Promote his Re-election Campaign

From The Saratoga Springs Government Facebook Page

Kim’s Campaign Site

The first image above is from the Saratoga Springs official city Facebook page. As you can see, the post includes a link to Saratoga Springs Mayor Ron Kim’s Facebook campaign page , “Ron Kim for Saratoga Springs.”

New York State law strictly forbids the use of public resources for political campaigning.

2 thoughts on “Mayor Kim Uses City’s Facebook Page to Illegally Promote his Re-election Campaign”

  1. What’s the matter I’m in montegnino can do whatever they want. Or so they feel they can. But no one holds them accountable that’s why it keeps happening. This is crazy. Saratogians need to step up and speak up about what is going on in the city council right now.

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  2. Laws? Ron Kim says he’s a lawyer, but he doesn’t know anything about the laws he’s supposed to follow. Some say “Ignorance is bliss,” but it’s more accurate to say “Ignorance is Kim.”

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