Pro Charter Advocates List Leadership

The advocates for charter change have posted their leadership’s names on their website. I may be being immodest, but I think my earlier post about lack of transparency may have prompted them.

Interestingly, this same thing happened in 2019. They didn’t include the leadership names on their website then either, and after my blog pointed this out, they posted them. I don’t think there is anything sinister in all of this. It is more of a reflection of their general sloppiness. In spite of their calls for transparency, they seem to be cavalier about their own actions.

This is from their website:

CommonSenseSaratoga’s Campaign Committee

  • Julie Cuneo and Ron Kim, Co-Chairs
  • Jeff Altamari*
  • Gordon Boyd*
  • Alexis Brown
  • Ann Bullock*
  • Sarah Burger
  • Ellen Egger-Aimone
  • Pat Kane*
  • Bahram Keramati*
  • Bill McTygue
  • Mark Pingel
  • Bob Turner*
  • Beth Wurtmann*
  • Joanne Yepsen

*Indicates citizens who served on the 2017 Charter Commission.

6 thoughts on “Pro Charter Advocates List Leadership”

  1. The ‘change the Charter’ people are an interesting political sub-group within the local Democratic party. It looks like Yepsen and McTygue must have approached Cuneo and Kim to serve as symbolic leaders. An analysis of Cuneo’s public remarks seems to indicate she is interested in running for a Council seat if the charter is changed. This is basically local gerrymandering at its worst, and is a power-grab.

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  2. Being a tax paying, homeowner, I was already in support of the charter change. Seeing this list of highly intellectual people solidifies it. Current council is a corrupt club, and needs to be replaced. Thank you for sharing.


    1. I am interested in knowing more about the corrupt club. Please enlighten me with some examples. Also interested in knowing how long you have been a voter in Saratoga Springs?

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    This Joanne >>> The former Mayor found guilty of an ethics violation? Oh yes please, let’s put her in charge of a new government, preferably one that hasn’t been really written out yet & needs some details filled in here and there…

    The City Council has taken the possibly unprecedented step of censuring Mayor Joanne Yepsen over a finding that she violated the city ethics code by creating a potential conflict of interest.

    The council voted 3-2 on Tuesday night to censure the mayor over a finding by the city Ethics Board, with Yepsen and Accounts Commissioner John Franck voting against the resolution.

    The council action came after the ethics panel found that Yepsen violated the code last winter when she solicited fundraising work from the Saratoga Hospital Foundation at a time when the hospital had a zoning expansion application pending before the city.

    The censure, which Assistant City Attorney Tony Izzo said may be unprecedented in city history, will be submitted to the state Attorney General’s Office public integrity bureau and state Joint Committee on Public Ethics.

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    1. The internal censure against Yepsen was interesting. Frank has an accounting practise that would allow anyone who wanted to buy influence to secretly pay him for professional services, and he introduces resolutions all the time. It does not mean he is unethical, but the payment mechanism is there to allow it. An internal reprimand is effective at warning and preventing a violation of the law or a breach of trust, and the censure restrained Yepsen who needs to make a living, yet didn’t tarnish her reputation to the point of destruction.


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