City Council To Consider Raising Salaries For Future Commissioners

On Tuesday September 3rd there will be a public hearing on a proposal to raise the salaries of future members of the Saratoga Springs City Council from the current $14,500.00 per year to $30,000.00 per year.  The salaries of the council members have not changed since 2001.  By my count that is some eighteen years without an increase.

In the August 27 edition of the Gazette Newspaper Mayor Meg Kelly discussed why she believes it is time for an increase. At the August 20 Council meeting the mayor told her colleagues:

“As we are entering the [2020] budget season, the time is right for a fair and reasonable discussion about these salaries, considering the duties, responsibilities, time commitment and the goal of attracting qualified, diverse candidates.”

Expanding on the issue of salaries she noted:

“Council members are supposed to be part-time,” Kelly said. “Consider what $14,500 per year means: At 20 hours per week, you get $13.94 per hour, at 30 hours a week you get $9.29 an hour, at 50 hours per week you get $5.58 per hour. Next year, New York state’s minimum wage will be $11.80 an hour.”

The reality is that the Commissioners and the Mayor work many more than twenty hours a week. In the case of Mayor Kelly it’s fair to say she works considerably more than forty hours a week.

I have done a rough, back of the envelope analysis of the increase.  After adding social security to the increase of $15,500.00 per council member, I estimate the cost for the increase would be $83,430.00.  Any attempt at computing the effect on taxes is problematic as revenues change and costs for running the city change.  Also, there are different tax rates in the outer and inner districts of the city.  Still, assuming that this was the only expense added to the previous tax rates, the increase would be roughly 2.6 cents per thousand.

So we are talking about a minuscule impact on the taxpayers.

If we want to attract good people to run for office we need to pay them a modest amount.

I would ask the readers of this blog, how much would you want to be paid per hour  just to sit through the City Council agenda meetings and general meetings twice a month?

I find it very frustrating listening to uninformed people sneer at public officials and dismiss their dedication.  If we treat them with disrespect, how can we expect good people to take on the burden of office?  Paying this modest increase is something they fully deserve.  I hope people will turn out to the hearing on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 and support the proposed increases.

7 thoughts on “City Council To Consider Raising Salaries For Future Commissioners”

  1. I agree with this. The size of the increase to $30K is debatable, as some may think it’s too large. But as JK points out, it is a minuscule amount of an increase when compared to the entire budget.
    I would like to see the Charter changed so that, going forward, increases are tied to the CPI.


  2. It was unfair for the Council salary not to increase for eighteen years. According to my calculations, the salary should be set at around $20,000 if we consider cost of living adjustments over this period of time. Going forward, it would also make sense to incorporate annual adjustments to those salaries.

    I am not sure how the proposed $30,000 Council salary was arrived at. This is more than double the existing salary. That’s more than $75000 a year that should be used instead to hire a needed cop or firefighter or DPW worker.

    I would have no problem with the $30,000 Council salary if two perks are eliminated;
    1. Free medical plans for Council members
    2. Lifetime free family health plans for Council members who serve on the Council for at least ten continuous years
    Free health insurance was relatively common in the City’s labor contracts when the Council gave itself this benefit many years ago. It is not at all common today. Also, this benefit is out of balance with the salary level and it presents a different value level for each of five individual circumstances. It has inherent inequities.

    Without elimination of free medical insurance for Council members, the community should not support the Council salary increase to $30,000.

    Chris Mathiesen


  3. I was commission president of a small city in Florida, with the added duties of being police and fire commissioner. It was close to a full-time job. The pay was $300 per month. I was quite satisfied with that, as I chose to be a public servant.


  4. I admire your dedication, just as I do those who have served the City of Saratoga Springs for the last many years. That, in itself, does not in any way indicate that those who choose public service should not be paid a reasonable amount. It might open the process to some who otherwise might not be able to afford to be a public servant. Some do have mouths to feed and families to take care of.

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