Patrick Kane: A Man Seemingly Of No Shame

In June of last year, Pat Kane submitted a picture (see below) of Mark Scirocco to Marilyn Rivers who is the director of the Risk and Safety Office in Saratoga Springs.  The picture, which turned out to be a fake, purportedly showed Mark in the driver’s seat of a city van in violation of city policy.

Mark Scirocco is the son of Public Works Commissioner Skip Scirocco.  Mark works for the Department of Public Works.  In January of this year he was convicted of Driving While Ability Impaired which is a violation (as compared to a misdemeanor or felony) and his license was suspended so he was prohibited from driving a city venicle.  He continued to work for the department riding with his supervisor reading water meters.  

A little history: Pat Kane, who is a registered Republican, was Skip Scirocco’s campaign manager when Commissioner Scirocco first ran for office and was elected Public Works Commissioner.  As far as I can tell they had a falling out over Commissioner Scirocco’s unwillingness to support Mr. Kane’s campaign to change the city’s form of government.

Apparently, Mr. Kane was quite persistent in pressing his allegations against the Commissioner’s son.

In the end, Kane received a letter (see below) from the City Attorney regarding his allegations. The letter detailed the features of the picture that showed it was a fake.

It is profoundly disturbing that Mr. Kane would go to this kind of length in an attempt to both embarrass Commissioner Scirocco and threaten his son’s job.

19 thoughts on “Patrick Kane: A Man Seemingly Of No Shame”

  1. Seems I remember an event not too many years ago at the DRC, where a public document was altered and resubmitted in its place after the public hearing – contradicting the legally submitted original in order to facilitate the condemnation of a historic structure. The same individual would later flout municipal protocol by failing to appear before the DRC or obtain a building permit for his own construction project. So why is this report of no surprise?


  2. Pat has since seen the errors of his ways and is now working with the Mctygues to take control of the City Council…………..OHHHHH HAPPY DAYS!!!!


    1. Yes, the McYepsen crew (along with Kane, and a few others) have put Patty Morrison up against Michele Madigan in their latest attempt at a power grab. She (Patty) certainly can’t run against Michele’s record which is stellar so I can only guess they are continuing to spread misinformation about their cherished yet failed charter change. They want those who supported charter change to believe that Michele is against it in general when the FACT is that she clearly believed that it would cost the city a great deal of money both in the short run (to initiate the change) in the long run. As someone who is not good with figures, etc. I trust that Commissioner Madigan knows her stuff. After all, she has given the city almost 8 years of progress while keeping the taxes flat and the city budget healthy.

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      1. You’re right , Gayle, and I believe cost was also Commissioner of Accounts John Franck’s main objection to that city manager proposal. If I recall he pretty much trashed Jeff Altamari’s financial analysis of the proposal at a forum provided by Saratoga Today. As I recall Altamari didn’t even show up to defend his own analysis and the group sent in Gordon Boyd to give it a not very successful try.
        One of Altamari’s calculations to try to show a savings in the City Manager form was to dismiss the work done by the four deputies and not to make provisions for their jobs in their new government.
        So now we have two City Manager enthusiasts running for jobs in their hated Commission form of government—Dillon Moran for Public Works and Patty Morrison primarying Michele Madigan for Commissioner of Finance.
        What’s up with that?
        Will they run on a promise to save the taxpayer’s money by getting rid of the deputies they labeled as “political hacks”?
        Why would they want to head up one of their so-called “silos”?? ?
        Why would they want to be part of government they spent so much time and energy labeling dysfunctional?
        They even worked hard last fall to defeat last year’s proposal to make improvements in the government they now want to be part of.
        Stay tuned!


  3. And just whom killed Able?

    There is evil karma afoot.
    Patrick can run all he wants but he will never escape his fate.

    Time to repent, Pat.
    I hear Father Tom is offering confession this Saturday?
    Might be a good idea to take that road trip to the Church of Saint Peter.

    Gut Yontif, buddy.
    We reep what we sow.



  4. There’s one word in Spanish (that I can write here) that describes this unabashed character who has yet to find his ‘rosebud’. Sinvergüenza.
    As for the man who would be commissioner (continuing the dynasty) – had he won one of his last two election attempts, he most likely would not be so unsupportive of his party (and those who supported his brother for decades) and certainly would not have spent so much of his time in the trenches attempting to change our form of government – which if most residents will notice (except those perennial dissenting pessimistic nitpickers) our Council has accomplished more in the last 20 months than most other have in years. Two years ago, the challengers created a list of unfinished city projects and wishes which they claimed were an indication of a failed government (as published by their Charter Change Commission Chairman and their minions, including ‘the man who would be mayor’), yet I would like to say that that list has been achieved and the city can recognize all of those new initiatives that can only come about with a cooperative and energized council. Those long dark years where fractious councils ruled the table are in the past.
    Imagine how more productive this city would be if these disgruntled individuals considered in the vain of cooperation and consensus, instead of maintaining their perennial undermining strategies like the one featured above?
    The resident public is smarter than the “fake news” promoted by these individuals for personal gains and indulgence.


    1. Unfortunately we’ve seen all too much of this kind of political activity recently permeating Saratoga politics as Mr. Martinez has pointed out.
      Most disheartening last fall was the widely circulated letter signed by not just Pat Kane but by the following: Bob Turner, Gordon Boyd, Laura Chodas, Beth Wurtmann, Minta Sanghvi, Jeff Altamari, and Ann Bullock, all members of the 2017 Charter Commission that wanted to change to a city manager form of government. The letter was an attack on the 2018 proposal to merely update the current commission form. The letter they all signed contained many inaccuracies and misrepresentations. One of the most glaring was their assertion that “Under the proposed charter, the commissioners and mayors get to set their own salary increases.”

      Surely people who signed this statement particularly Skidmore government professor Bob Turner knew that state law prohibits this. Nevertheless, even after these and other errors were pointed out, these signers continued to circulate this document never acknowledging the inaccurate information they were promoting.

      Patty Morrison, who is now running in a primary for Finance Commissioner, in fact boasted of the flier she put together and circulated highlighting the false salary information.

      So perhaps it is not just Pat Kane who has no shame. Sadly many others can join him in that hall of shame. The city should not look forward to the upcoming primary where these same people are promoting Patty Morrison for Finance Commissioner in what looks very much like an effort to oust Michele Madigan not because they have any complaints about the job Madigan has done in office but because she had the nerve to oppose them in their quest for charter change.

      Most upsetting is that with this group involved in the Morrison campaign we can expect the same kind of fake news campaign we have had to experience in the last few years of charter battles. Fasten your seatbelts.

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  5. It is more than just a little disheartening to know that this kind of political corruption exists at this level here. Sadly, it is also not a surprise. We have to live with this around the country daily. These people seem to believe if they don’t get their way, they can lie, cheat and destroy anything that is preventing them from reaching their goals. We are much smarter than that. We know what they are doing. Many people are walking away from a party that believes everyone should follow them or shut up. We will not be quiet and we will NOT vote for any of you. They have no respect for my vote and I have no respect for them.

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  6. It was on August 5, 2007, that a candidate for Mayor wrote to his fellow partisans requesting that they consider him for office with an approaching Primary Election only one month away. I quote from his well thought out letter and its appeal to the Saratoga voters that year.

    “Hundreds of voters like you throughout the city have told me that we need a mayor who will get focused on the big problems facing us, and not pick fights over second and third priority conflicts, as Mayor XXXXX has done. As your Mayor, I will seek collaboration with my Council colleague and work toward consensus.”

    Today, he and his confederates, traffic in misdirection and deliberate character assassinations of those very people on our Council that once he expressed a desire to work congenially with. It would seem today that our Mayor and her Council have not only identified the big problems facing our small city but have also addressed many second and third priority issues that presented themselves with creative solutions. They truly deserve our support for their efforts and their successes, instead of unscrupulous assaults like the one noted above.

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  7. Mr. Shooter (I presume):
    It is unsettling that 87.5% of those people on the 2017 Charter Change Commission are intelligent people who arguably traded good sense and most questionably, ethical principles in their quest to satisfy their (at times) almost intoxicating hubris. While many of their networking friends simply followed their lead without ever fully understanding the existing charter that failed to get the review that it was entitled, this revisionist party just plowed ahead.

    How unfortunate that the associate professor decided to expose his students to a lopsided analysis, never letting these mostly transient residents an opportunity to fully understand (if that was even possible) just how our government works in the event that they may someday find reasons to return to live here. No less disappointing, is our new émigré into the Saratoga political arena who capitalizes on her one year on the school board to legitimize her worthiness and challenge to the incumbent, a person who needs little introduction.

    Altogether, another attempted power grab attempt by the usual suspects, camouflaged in the background, reliving their youth and unable to support good people who once supported them and whose time is now.

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  8. If you’re scoring at home, that would be a violation of Commandment 8 by Mr. PK there. Double pts. for scoring this during Holy Week and Passover. Nice going!

    Meanwhile, one must wonder how long Vince was laughing hysterically, before being able to compose himself to write a ‘nice try’ letter. I did for about 20 minutes before writing this note.


  9. (Edited Version) It should be obvious by now, that our local (anonymous) Captain America caricature does not have the moral center of the Action Comic Hero he has chosen to represent clandestinely. Antithetically, he lacks the moral sense of what is right or wrong, for a desire to achieve personal rewards – and with him, go his apostles.


  10. It should be obvious by now, that our local (anonymous) Captain America caricature does not have the moral center of the Action Comic Hero he has chosen to represent clandestinely. Antithetically, he lacks the virtuous sense of what is right or wrong for a self-serving desire to achieve personal rewards – and with him … go his apostles.

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  11. I am reading all of your comments and nowhere do I see anyone asking when Mr. Kane and those who helped him in this assault on Mark Scirocco are going to be charged. Falsifying information that could lead to charges being brought against someone is a criminal act and that person(s) should be held responsible. So I hope that in the very near future this oversight of not charging Mr. Kane and his accomplices is taken care of.

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