More on Moore Hall

Robin Cooper of the Albany Business Review had a piece on the Moore Hall demo.

According the ABR, Jackson Demolition of Schenectady is the contractor for the take down.  Bonacio has placed the cost of the whole project at $23 million dollars.

Bonacio expects it to take a month to complete the removal.  He expects to start excavating the foundation in October.

The project manager is Christopher Levitas.

Norstar Development whose corporate offices are located in Buffalo paid Skidmore College $1.12 million dollars back in 2009.  Rick Higgins, who lives in Saratoga Springs is one of the principle executives at Norstar.

Balzer + Tuck Architecture did the design.  Brett Balzer is the architect.

Capital Demolition of Amsterdam removed the asbestos and the internal structures such as the drop ceilings, furniture, etc.

Levitas estimates it will take sixteen to eighteen months to construct the five buildings that will contain the condos.


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